Enterprise Offerings

We never wanted to be just another opinion in the vast sea of innovation consulting companies. Fortunately, we are not.

Our inspiration and guidance comes from a unique blend of academic research in innovation management and practical experience. We have not only studied what works, we have also learned from experience what does not.

Innovation Talent Development

It is all about people. Not everyone is suited for this world and very few have innovation experience. There are many new innovation roles that have emerged over the years. Companies struggle with defining theses roles and their associated responsibilities. In addition, we have new research around building innovation career paths. Let us help you select and develop your team as well as shape mind sets.

Innovation Tools

It took us over 15 years to see how to design an innovation tool suite to make the complex simple. The innovation discipline is maturing and the technology to enable a dynamic, learning environment is finally where it needs to be to help this unfold. We are not completely there yet but we have come a long way to building this discipline. Ask us about our training and coaching workshops to learn how to use the tools or visit our innovation2pivot website for our online tools.

Strategic Advisory Services

We prefer to think of ourselves as strategic advisors rather than consultants. Our clients would agree. We know that this is all about change management, which takes time. We also know that companies move at their own pace based on strategy, culture and leadership objectives. We can easily adapt to these different priorities. We become your partners in implementation and offer a valuable outside perspective. Bottom line is that innovation done right is about your future and we offer a wide range of strategic services to help you get there.

Innovation Capability Development

We know that innovation is more than incremental improvements. We also know that getting from incremental innovation to strategic innovation is not easy. How do we design the right organization for innovation and deal with all the uncertainty? It takes time and it starts with a call to action, followed by initiation, evolving and sustaining phases. We know what the steps are to building an effective innovation capability.

Innovation Training and Project Coaching

We believe in instilling principles and that practice makes perfect. Therefore, our workshops blend training with coaching. We know the only way to learn is to apply these principles and tools in practice. Our workshops provide companies with new methodologies, processes and tools for learning how to create a compelling business vision for an innovation opportunity during Discovery, test assumptions about this opportunity in the market during Incubation, and have the confidence to invest in business growth during Acceleration. The goal is for R&D, innovation and marketing teams to learn how to effectively reduce business uncertainties and accelerate the lifecycle of these innovation opportunities on their way to ultimate success.

The Discovery, Incubation and Acceleration (D-I-A) Model has been developed to facilitate the learning and decision-making processes. The objective is to ensure the right questions are asked and appropriate methods are utilized for seeking answers to these questions based on the maturity of an opportunity and the uncertainty it faces. The D-I-A Model is not linear and must be orchestrated as a dynamic learning system.